Sorcha is a new and exciting take on the Irish genre. The goal of Sorcha is to introduce audiences to original material that has a focus on creating an exciting live sound. We believe we achieve this by pushing the boundaries of what a reel, jig, or a hornpipe can be. By combining fresh arrangements and technical mastery of our instruments, we put on an unique and thrilling show.

Sorcha is composed of fiddler Nikki Philbrick, guitarist Joseph Carmichael, and Dan Vaughn on tin whistle and flute. We are masters of our craft and have been performing within the genre for over a decade in various groups including Blame Not the Bard and Poor Man's Gambit.





"The term supergroup certainly applies to Sorcha. Three outstanding musicians at the top of their game. I'm already looking forward to more from these guys." - Colum King, Ceolplay

"Like a clear & crisp drink of water under the wide Great Plains sky, Sorcha's fresh interpretations of Irish trad bring an energetic and refreshing sound to the scene." - Susan J. E. Ritta, aka "Lady Susan" of Thunder on the Plains